Spoof Robotics

Spoof Browser

A powerful proxy web browser built for users that need access to multiple browser sessions with unique IP addresses

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Proxy Per Instance

Assigned a dedicated proxy IP to each profile.

Google Login

Spoof Browser can automatically login to multiple Google accounts with one click!

Custom Autofill

Our custom Auto-fill ensures that each fillable field gets the right info each time!

All new UI

All new User Interface makes it easier then ever to control Spoof Browser. Tons of new features have been added for ease of use.


Extensions are single-handedly the largest and most exciting change to Spoof Browser, Extensions allow for unlimited expandability inside of Instances.

Redesigned Backend

V4 comes with all new internals under the hood for an even faster and more efficient copping experience

Dedicated Support

24/7 Support from our Dedicated Support Staff from around the world, Our Discord server has everything you will need to be successful on drop days!

Supported Sites

Spoof Browser is a web browser which means it can access any site!

Here is a few many users show success on.


Spoof Browser has been a game changer for me, I used to open multiple tabs on chrome just to sit in queues. Now I can just open multiple instances in one click!

– Logan , Chicago, IL

Copping Yeezy's has never been easier, most drops I could have gone for multiple pairs!

– William , Long Beach, CA

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